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The IDEA that forever changed the direction of our sport was born six years ago when Starboard began developing the ultra-wide short-board. This idea has revolutionized entry-level boards and has created a new standard for performance boards, now the quickest boards on the planet.
Starboard was founded in 1994 by four-time World Champion, Svein Rasmussen. Svein started Windsurfing in 1978 and won the Mistral Worlds in 1983, he was a gold medallist candidate for the 1984 Olympics and spent 10 years on the PWA pro-circuit. In 1991 he became the first sailor to have won all disciplines in the IFCA Production-Board Class Worlds.
Svein Rusmussen

Furthermore, the knowledge gained from the Formula and wave board development projects leads directly to today's new range of Carve, GO and FreeFormula boards.

This success has helped us attract designers, riders and company staff with enormous talent to keep Starboard at the cutting edge of technology and in the lead for customer service. Special thanks goes to Jim Drake who, with his wife Sam, moved to Thailand to help us advance the sport he started back in 1967.

We have for the 2002 season built on our strengths and are proud to present the world's widest premier board line ... one might even say ultra-wide.

The Start introduced in 2001 changed the perception of windsurfing to be "a sport for everyone". The 2002 design makes it even easier to maneuver.

The Formula boards designed by Jim and Svein continue to be the most race-winning boards ever. Our policy is to develop and make available the fastest and most competitive boards in the world as quickly as possible. We are introducing three much faster models for the 2002 racing season much to the benefit of Wojtek, Dorota and the rest of the world's largest and best racing team.

Scott McKercher and Ben Severne have certified the Acid wave board line - with a record of 10 new models - as the best they have ever seen. Rush Randle, back from injury, adds his competitive presence and design skills to this line as well.

The GO is arguably the greatest all-round board in the history of windsurfing. It is easy to learn on and comfortable to sail, yet offers the kind of performance that sees it win races! The three new GO boards push the blend of performance, jibing and ease-of-use even further.

Starboard introduces the new FreeFormula line for 2002. Available in three sizes, they are a marriage between the Formula and the Carve. They are fast and racy, yet sport subtle design features. They easily stay with, or even beat, the Formula boards on the reach. They trade a barely noticeable amount of upwind performance for a much easier jibe due to their slightly tucked under and rounded tail.

The test winning Carve line has expanded with two new shapes - the Carve 90 and Carve 151 - for a total of 14 models. This selection of our premier freeride board range continues to be "as good as it gets". They share a common design philosophy of unalloyed, high speed fun, but each are designed specifically for its size. The small ones are designed for stronger winds and heavy chop; they are turny and willing to surf, yet happy blasting and freestyling. The larger ones are for lighter winds; they are especially suited to early-planning freeriders that enjoy a deep comfortable ride and easy jibes.

The Freestyle Extreme line is another addition to our stable for 2002. With the help of Ben Severne we bring out six new dedicated hardcore models that cater to any freestyle conditions possible. These short, wide boards accelerate, pop and spin remarkably well.

The Diva program, initiated by Starboard and Jennifer Henderson three years ago in support of feminine participation, offers specialized designs for women of all skill levels. This means lighter smaller boards using Diva technology that are sized for women rather than their boy friends.

The innovative StarFish wave boards were first welcomed in the US as the best new concept. The new range is now winning wave events in Australia and perfectly fits the European coastline. The all-new 2002 models feature refined outlines and volume distributions, keeping them the most radical yet easy boards for onshore conditions.

The Sonic slalom boards won the Production Board Worlds again, and are even beating most custom boards this year at Maui's prestigious Kanaha Race Series.

Finally, we wish to thank everyone who have chosen to ride with us, amateur and professional alike. We will continue to push the limits because we believe that's why we are at the top of our field.

Svein Rasmussen

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