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Design Contest
     June 1st. 2002
Congratulations to our winners.!

We received many nice drawings this time, and below you will find the ones selected by our art department. Many thanks to you all for competing. You will receive T-shirts and special prices in the mail very soon, and we hope you will join us again for the next competition, which will start on August 21st.

This time we will challenge all of you to draw our Tiki man. He symbolizes an ancient Polynesian "Wind God", and we would like to see him sailing, walking or just "hanging around" in different positions, instead of standing still like he has done for hundreds of years. You may start to practice, and we will come back to this page with more information in a few weeks. Have a nice summer everybody.

Starboard Art Dep.

My name is Pascal Somers and I'm 14 years old. I designed all the drawings myself as I'm also a fanatic windsurfer. And I love your boards. Address; Bloemenhof 3, 2500 Lier, Belgium



My name is: Malte Masgen, I am 13 years old! I live in Germany near Bonn, my Adress is: Malte Masgen Bendenweg 23 53347 Alfter Germany Hang lose!


I'm David Richards. My address is: 91 First Avenue Mt Lawley Western Australia 6050. Seeya


Xavier Craine (6) Overdene, Trelake Lane, Treknow, Tintagel PL34 OEW Cornwall England


Phoebe Craine (10) Overdene, Trelake Lane, Treknow, Tintagel PL34 OEW Cornwall England

Design Contest
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Samutprakarn 10540

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