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Welcome to the Starboard Tiki Quiz.
Windsurfing was invented more than thirty years ago, and we want to pick your brain every month with questions related to the exciting history of our sport. This is a fun and educational game that everyone can take part in. Just click on the answers you believe are correct, and you may win a sticker or some other odd prices we have in line for the Quiz Champion(s) of the month. The Quiz ranking list is running, and at the end of the year, we will announce the Quiz King/Queen of 2002. He/she will be rewarded with a very special Tiki prize.

How to play the game?
You will see an update of last month's game - analyzing the questions, as well as announcing the winners. Further down you will find the current ranking list and the correct answers from the previous month. The new and active Quiz is located at the end.

We have very few rules, but please note that we only accept one entry per participant per month. A second or third entry will not be recorded. The participant(s) with five correct answers will be awarded one (1) point. A half point (0.5) will be awarded all participants with four correct answers. In case of a tie, (equal points) the participant with the latest score will be considered the winner.

Example; If you have scored a point at an earlier Quiz and someone equalize your score a month or more later, he/she will be ranked in front of you. Equal point or half point scored within the same month will be regarded a tie.

August 5th.


Our July Quiz was interesting with a lot of guys competing. This time most of you lost out on question number two and four. It was Dionisio Guadagnino from The Virgin Islands that won the King of the Garda Lake in 2000. A little bit surprising maybe.., And Wojtek Brzozowski was racing RRD boards before he joined Starboard. Another big hand to Fernando Andrade from Brazil. Fernando has won an amazing total of five Quiz, and is again increasing his lead. Many congratulations also to Nicholas Lichtwark from New Zealand for five correct answers. Mike Lichtwark, New Zealand and David Richards, Australia both captured a half point for four right answers. Here is the August Quiz for you. This one is difficult guys. All the best of luck to you all. Cheers,


Quiz Ranking

1. Fernando Andrade, Brazil 5.0
2. Philip Soltysak, Canada 2.5
3. Mike Lichtwark, New Zealand 2.0
4. Nicholas Lichtwark, New Zealand 1.0
5. David Richards, Australia 1.0
6. Antonio Cozzolino, New Zealand 1.0
7. Zilvis, Switzerland 1.0
8. Nik Rawlings, England 1.0

July Quiz; Correct answers

1. How many Starboards did place among the top 10 in the Men's 2000 Formula Worlds in Thailand?

2. The King Of The Lake is a yearly Freestyle event at Lake Garda. Who won this prestigious event in 2000?
Dionisio Guadagnino, Virgin Islands

3. Peter Brockhaus from Germany co-founded Mistral in the mid 70's. He left the company a few years later, and founded a new brand
in the early 80's. Which one was it?

4. What company sponsored Wojtek Brzozowski before he joined the Starboard Team?

5. Dorota Staszewska was the Polish Olympic contender in the Atlanta games in 1996. She placed 6th. and secured an Olympic point for Poland.
Who won the Gold medal?
Alessandra Sensini, Italy

August Quiz;
1. The last event of the annual Baltic Cup just finished in Tallin, Estonia. The Cup had 200 competitors from 7 countries. Who won.?
Pers Swanberg, Sweden
Ansis Dale, Latvia
Martin Ervin, Estonia
2. Jean Louise Colmas is a board shaper and inventive custom board builder. He successfully developed the Starboard wood technology
    in 1994. What country is he from?
New Caledonia
3. Michal Pucher from Austria set a World speed record in the early 80's on a Custom 290 speed needle he developed himself. The board
    was mass-produced a year later. What was the name of the manufacturer.?
4. The PWA Freestyle Grand slam in Fuerto Ventura recently was a big success for a lot of younger and less known sailors. Who won the event.?
Ricardo Campello
Kauli Seadi
John Sky
5. Klaus Simmer designed one of the first and very successful pintail boards for Cobra in 1982. It was called the King Cobra. Another
    manufacturer was licensed to produce the same board in thermo plastic technology. What manufacturer was it.?
Hi Fly

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