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Starboard made history at
Formula Worlds 2000

Never before in the history of Windsurfing has a single brand dominated an event like Starboard did during the Formula Worlds in Pattaya. An amazing 76% of the competitors were competing on Starboard Formula boards. All 23 races in the Men and Women's fleet were won on a Starboard Formula, apart from the last race in the Women's fleet,- although it has to be added that a Starboard crossed the line first, but suffered from an OCS. A remarkable 17 out of the 20 first was Starboard Formula boards. Our philosophy, designs and dedication have changed the industry. We are Pleased to see that other major producers are following our direction, and are ready to contribute further to the exciting development of the Formula boards and the Formula Class in general. The Championship revealed several other interesting aspects, like the quality of the competition with the mass of amateur racers fighting it out on equal terms with professional sailors like Kevin Pritchard, Phil Mc Gain, Steve Allen, Jimmy Diaz, Karin Jaggi and others. It did also prove that systematical hard work pays at National levels. The Polish team put on an amazing performance and collected both the Gold medals, Wojtek Brzozowski showed incredible strength and confidence. He stayed on top of his competition and finished off with two impressive wins, after a close race with his strongest opponents. Dorota Staszewska started off with eight straight wins and two seconds. It was a "knock out" most of us will never forget, and none of her competitors could recover from.

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