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NASA will today send a surfboard-shaped jet zipping over the Pacific Ocean at seven times the speed of sound in a bid to smash a record set by the Jim Drake designed X15 rocket plane that has stood for 34 years. The unmanned X-43A will depart from Edwards Air Force base in California. The 4 meter aircraft with its distinctive nose is attached to a booster rocket . The entire assembly will be dropped from a B52 over the Pacific Ocean off the Califonia Coast. Jim Drake designed the X15 in 1954 , and it set the record of 6.7 Mach in 1967. Jim is with us here in Bangkok now and we are all quite excited to see if NASA after 47 year eventually will be able to outperform the X15. It's interesting to see that the X43A is un manned whereas the X15 had a pilot.

We congratulate Jim for holding the world speed record since 1967 , the same year he designed the windsurfer and became the worlds first man to windsurf,,,,

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