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May we introduce a new class in the Formula Windsurfing tradition?

Formula Experience consists of 3 divisions. Two for juniors on specially designed boards with less volume matching the lightweight of the competitors. The other board type, bigger with more volume is intended for Youth (U19) sailors. All boards can come from several manufacturers and are built with durability in mind. See the web site for the class rules.

Formula Junior 6.5 Formula Junior 8.5 Formula Youth
Junior boards Junior boards Youth boards
Max sail: 6.5m2 Max sail: 8.5 m2 Max sail: 11 m2
Age: Under 15 Age: Under 17 Age: Under 19

The durable construction makes these boards very suitable for first time racing at club and national level but as they are to all intent and purposes, full blooded Formula Windsurfing boards, they will certainly appeal to racers of all levels, including racing for the World Championships titles. Equipped with state of the art sails, which are much lighter and easier to handle than the sails of yesteryear. The combination of lightweight, wide boards and efficient sails will make it possible to plane in low winds. Reducing very much the need for pumping. An important issue in reducing sailing related injuries.

Starboard version of the junior board

Technical data Junior boards presently listed:

Starboard 136 Bic Techno 283
Length: 2436 mm. 2820 mm.
Width: 992 mm. 690 mm.
Volume: 108 liter 152 liter
Fin: 650 mm. 500 mm.

*The Bic Techno 283 , although not strictly a FW board, is considered class legal as a junior board in view of its popularity in some countries

Formula Experience was created to be a stepping stone for Formula type racing and will act as a popular feeder class to high level Formula Windsurfing racing. For clubs and national authorities, the advantage is that from entry level racing onwards to Olympic Racing in 2008, all training and racing can be done on boards quite similar in feel, appearance and performance. Formula Junior & Formula Youth provide a solid and fun way to enter Formula racing and to experience the fun of sailing highly competitive Formula boards at a more affordable price level.

The Bic version of the youth board

Technical data Youth boards presently listed:

Starboard 156 Techno Formula
Length: 2640 mm. 2665 mm.
Width: 1000 mm. 940 mm.
Volume: 156 liter 170 liter
Fin: 700 mm. 620 mm.

During the European 2002 season, the Junior & Youth class will be part of several events; such as: Euro Cup series and North Sea Cup series. A European Championship is scheduled for the August period (TBC). A Canadian National Championship is already scheduled. Events on other continents are being discussed. See the web site for more info.

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