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The new Starboard Trance 84

Based on the great retail and test success of the current Acid and Freestyle Extreme boards, Starboard have developed the TRANCE 84 - an ultra modern Wave/Freestyle concept design.

There is a huge demand in the market for a wave / freestyle board in this size, and the new Trance 84 design delivers the best of both worlds in one practical solution..

With quicker acceleration and better upwind tracking than regular waveboards, thanks to a refined flatter mid-rocker section, the Trance 84 is particularly well suited to onshore conditions - providing better spins, "pop" and jumps. Once set into a turn, the Trance tracks exceptionally, boosting the rider for especially good "pop" in off-the-lip action.

Design work for the Trance 84 focused heavily on maximized balance, making it easy to execute stylish tricks and maneuvers. A deep single channel combined with a wide nose adds rider control and confidence in nose oriented moves.

Based on the 84 liter volume, Trance 84 has a length of 246cm, width of 56cm and 36.3cm tail, and is optimal for use with sails in range 4.0 to 5.7m. Ideal fin sizes are from 20 to 24cm, with a quality 22cm provided as standard for the single rear US style finbox.

Trance 84 will be available to the market in May 02, in both WOOD and D-RAM technology, with a production weight around 6.4 Kg, and a DRAM version at 6.8Kg.

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