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We present three dedicated freestyle shapes for the aggressive freestyler. With innovative shapes by Svein Rasmussen and Ben Severne, the FreeSEX's are short and wide for quick acceleration, easy spins and low swing weight. The double concave hull shape further enhances early planning.

With a swallow tail and nose, the FreeSEX pops, rotates and accelerates back onto a plane quickly for your next move. Deep channels in the nose of the boards provide traction during nose-riding maneuvers, while the dedicated freestyle fin will happily work 'backwards'. Short and fat, the FreeSEX fin offers plenty of low-end drive and acceleration on to the plane without catching during aerial/nose transitions.

Even though the shapes are pure freestyle, the surprise is that the boards remain excellent, fast bump & jumpers. So after the freestyle session, you can go blasting, catch a few waves and carve some sweet jibes.

"It seems like Svein and Ben have found the secret of Freestyle!!! Short board, floaty, lite, sharp channels on the front, new wide outline, flat rocker in the back, twin tip, new fin (short and more surface, so easy for tricks)... All these qualities make the board planning fast, easy to do tricks, slides and jump on!"

Eric Girard - 2001 Winner of "King of the Bay" San Francisco

"If your up for a board to push your freestyle abilities forward - this is the ticket. We are very happy with the outcome of the FreeSEX development. I can't wait to get the 86 for the gorge as my secret weapon in the up coming Gorge games freestyle! I think the name may even help entice your spouse/girl-boy friend into an evening affair after your obligatory water start lesson on the FreeSEX!!?"

Brad Drummond - PWA Free styler

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