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The GO board is hailed as the greatest all-round board ever. With many designers adding their touch to the design along the way. From Jamie Lever and Svein Rasmussen to Matt Schweitzer and Jim Drake, the GO concept reunited the windsurfing world.

The GO wins national racing events, allows you to teach windsurfing to friends and family, and planes exceptionally early to always guarantee a good day at the beach and on the water.

This year, there are three new sizes available to suit your weight and the average wind conditions where you sail. These designs push the blend of performance and accessibility even further. The shape incorporates a tucked and rounded tail-outline with forward rail chamfers to provide easy and enjoyable jibing qualities. The double concave hull shape and the mini-cutaways provide early planing and high-levels of performance, while the full rails and EVA soft-deck gives the novice stability and comfort.

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