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Designed for younger sailors and those who weigh 60kg or less, the Play board is remarkable.

Performing in medium to gale force winds and inspired by wakeboarding/snowboarding, the Play planes up early, and is a fun ride any time. It carves and rides waves remarkably well. Its clean tail outline combined with a deep swallow tail, FCS fins and tucked rails makes the board turn abnormally well given even the most choppy waters or high speeds.

Because of its wide width and exceptionally short length, the Play loves to jump and rotate in the air. The wide nose combined with channels makes it a great platform for tricks.

Constructed in a higher density EPS foam core and combining the use of wood and partial sandwich technology, the Play proves to be extremely ding proof, and durable while remaining affordable.


Volume 78 liters
Length 233 cm
Width 58.8 cm
Tail 43.6 cm
Weight (DRAM) 7.5 kg
Fin box US box
Fin size Driver 23 cm + FCS
Sail size 3.0-5.5 sqm

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