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The Start makes windsurfing accessible to anyone, young or old, blond or brunette and opens a bright new world where windsurfing becomes as mainstream as the bicycle.

The "ultra-wide" Start changed the windsurfing world and made it possible to learn windsurfing in 60 minutes. Most good schools around the world have already adopted the Start concept. Recreational light winds sailors have been amazed how early this board planes and the performance level it achieves with optional high aspect fins and straps in the back position.

Width is key to this revolution. Ultra-wide means ultra stable, letting you focus on holding and controlling the wind's energy in your hands. Basic instruction is all you need to sail anywhere.

The new 2002 Start sports a new rounded tail shape for better jibing. The fins, a new wide 20 cm Jim Drake designed removable center fin and a 40 cm Drake-Ames tail fin give outstanding directional stability.

The Start is an ideal platform for tacking, jibing, learning freestyle tricks or just goofing around. A carry handle is located in the middle of the boards. The soft EVA deck is especially inviting for kids and passengers, and the big towing eye can even be used to lock your board at your favorite location.

The inserts for center footstraps are placed exactly where entry level sailors should place their feet the first time on board, and it is essential that the straps are used already from the start of the learning process to enhance the speed of learning. Using the straps from the beginning takes away the stumbling around and gives extra stability.

Drake/Ames 40 cm fin

Removeable Drake designed center fin

Ultra-wide also means ultra fast,
just ask your local Formula racer.


Volume 225 liters
Length 280 cm
Width 100 cm
Tail 73.0 cm
Weight (DRAM) 14.0 kg
Fin box Tuttle box
Fin size DA 40 cm + center fin
Sail size 2.0-12.0 sqm

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