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Starboard Start
(Windsurfing USA)

Weight : 13 kg
Length : 280 cm
Volume : 255 liters
Width : 100 cm

Starboard Start

The new Starboard Start redefines wide, second in with only to the inflatable Mistral Windglider. The Start is also the largest in terms of floatation; 230 liters. The board features a comfortable EVA pad like the GO. The EVA deck pad provides traction for the feet while remaining soft for the body when climbing back onboard. The Start is built using a non- sandwich construction technique that keep the cost lower than the other boards in the Starboard line. The Start comes with a massive 40 cm tail fin and a special removable 18 cm center fin for light wind sailing, which must be removed by unscrewing two screws for sailing in planing conditions. In lightwind conditions the Start is one of the most stable models we've ever sailed, making it well suited for first timers of all sizes.. It react quickly to sail steering input, making learning to tack and jibe easy. Uphauling is simple. One tester says the Start should come with a Saturday night fever CD and a disco ball, describing it as a "great dancing platform for learning on." In non- planing conditions, the Start is ideally suited to virgin windsurfers, similar in performance to the Mistral Windglider. The carrying handle is a nice touch, but with the center fin installed carrying the Start is awkward and best done with the assistance of a friend or instructor for any long-distance dashes from parking to water. As the wind picks up, unlike the Windglider, the Start is capable of planing. Novices say the Start has exceptional lateral stability, but is directionally less stable, reacting quickly to misdirected sail steering as they try to get planing. Experts find the board early planing, but not as comfortable ass the Go once up and skimming. When using the footstraps in the position closest to the rail, experts find raising the boom height keeps things balanced. The design's width makes planing jibes challenging, as a wide step across the deck is required, but staying dry during jibes isn't a problem. Schools find the Start stable enough to teach the largest beginners. First-timers will find it capable of planing, but will out grow the Start sooner than the Go.

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