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Windsurf, UK

Tech Spec.
Length : 252 cm
Width : 56 cm
Volume : 88 liters
Weight : 7.8 kg (dry, including straps and fin)
Fin : 22 cm (classic box)
Sail range : 5.0 m to 6.0 m.

Without doubt the fastest up and coming board manufacturer, Starboard has used the expertise of Scott McKercher to reshape the entire wave range for 2002, renaming them 'Acids'. Scotty recently laid waste the entire PWA, bar Polokow in Sylt on a production Acid! No mean feat, giving some idea as to the pedigree of this series of boards. Starboard describe the Acid range as 'pure, powerful and fast wave boards designed for radical breaks'. The 88 is a very attractive looking board. This years graphics are very strong, and the colours vivid. The board's shape is unusual in comparison to many of the classic outlines, but as with the commendable history and philosophy of Starboard, they are never afraid to break the rules when they know a concept works.

On The Water
The Acid 88 is a very impressive piece of kit. As soon as it is up on the plane it has a very distinctive feel, with qualities that really set it apart from the pack. Firstly, it is quickly onto the plane, even with a big heavy rig pressing down on it, and once there it has a very unique posture. Difficult to describe exactly but the board has a solid aggressive grip in the water, whilst still riding high and feeling very lively. This gives the board an incredibly stable feel. It cuts through the roughest chop, leaving the water and landing with confidence. Top end speed is therefore very impressive, not only this but you can ride at full power in virtually any water state which means this board is very good for jumping.

When it comes to riding, the Acid is again a very impressive board. Capable of short, sharp turns or aggressive high-speed banking the Acid is composed, progressive and maintains plenty of speed throughout the turn. It feels very small for its size and really is a very capable all-round board. It will rip in cross-offshore to on-shore winds and everything in-between. The quality of fittings and finish is excellent, the non-slip is second to none, and with added durability of the Dyneema Spectra (I have used this for repairs - you can't even sand it!) it is a very well engineered board. I landed one forward so flat with so much force I was convinced the board would snap! There were even people looking over it on the beach when I came in, convinced it had cracked...but there was not even a mark on the hull to chow where the impact had taken place!

An awesome board for the expert, this board is nonetheless easy to use for the intermediate. It doesn't do anything unless prompted and gives a lot of progressive feedback to the rider. All in all a highly recommended board for all conditions, a true favourite of the team as a wave board that does everything extremely well.

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