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Optimal Sail Sizes : 5.2 - 8.0
Weight : 7.2 kg +-5%
Length : 268 cm
Volume : 123 liters
Included : Straps, pads and fin

Released last year, the Starboard Carve 123 has quickly become a best seller. Like the five other boards in the Carve line, this one has lots of V in the tail. The nose features a channeled bottom quite apparent when looking at the board on dry land. Another distinct feature is the 45 degree beveled rails. The boards round outline is accentuated by its 64- cm design, the second widest on test. Despite its round appearance, the tail is quite wide. Non skid is excellent, the foot straps are comfortable, and the deck pads are firmer than most.

The no. 1 complaint about this board; Everyone else was on it. The Carve 123 does everything well, a test favourite. In a wide range of wind and water conditions, it consistently left our testers smiling. The 123 offers the largest range of jybes and carries speed easily throughout the turns. It's width makes it stable and forgiving in jibes, yet the board maintains a responsive and smooth ride. Not the fastest or highest pointing, the 123 gets you there easily and comfortably. The freestyle elements (channeled nose and inset straps) make the board nicely convertible.

However, we are not sure what kind of sailors would set it up as a Freestyle board, As Freestyle sailors would likely choose something smaller. The 123 is a fantastic freeride board set up as a freeride blaster.

It's wind range and wide variety of gybes make the Carve 123 a winner. A great small board for heavy weights, or big board for small sailors. One of the most versatile in it's class.

Windsport, Canada; 1/01

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