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The Surf 78 (D-RAM)

Starboard Surf 78 (D-RAM)
Sail Range : 4.0 - 5.6
Optimal Sail Sizes : 4.7 - 5.3
Weight : 14.25 lbs.
Length : 252.6 cm
Volume : 78 L
Included : Straps, pads, fin
Price : £799.00 D-RAM
£999.00 Wood

What Windsurf Magazine said:

Under the direction of ex-World Cup star Svein Rasmussen, Starboard has been responsible for a great deal of innovation within the windsurfing industry. They have had a great deal of success in all areas, proving just how good their shapes are. Scott McKercher is their primary wave sailing guru, a style that is well respected the world over for his smooth gouging top turns.

The board we have been sailing here is one of the smallest in the test, and one of the more radically shaped boards to look at. The graphics are more primal than most other boards and the shaping is somewhat unusual, with a comparatively small tail and boxy planshape. Once we got it out onto the water though we had a big surprise…

This board planes incredibly early for its size. Once going it is very lively underfoot but remains stuck to the water. It handles chop and rough water with ease and powers its way around the break at full speed, in complete control. When you lay it into a turn it really bites and has a lot of side shore riding potential, but still remains fast and early planing for onshore days. Downsides could be that some will find it a little too nervous, and for the heavier sailors over 80 kilos the lack of volume at rest may well cause you problems, but if you know what you are doing this board rips!


An unconventional looking board but don't be fooled - it's a ripper! Really loose, very quick and lively. Experienced riders only!

Onshore Rating : 9
Cross Shore Rating : 10
Early Planing : 8
Manoeuvres : 9

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